Peggie Nora is a Maritime girl who has been singing since age 4 on CBC Radio  then on to CBC Television.  Peggie has performed from coast to coast workering with many bands . She always kept up her singing as a Vocal Coach and songwriting  throughout her married years and raising  children . Raising money for families affected by Childhood Cancer is very close to her heart .   Recently Peggie decided to release an album she had recorded a few years ago .       " I got together with all BCCMA /CCMA award winning musicians and award winning Producer Bill Buckingham for this album . Bill and I networked with some great writers to make this dream album of mine a reality ."   But Peggie didn't release the album because she worried that she wasn't young enough and wouldn't fit in . Her husband Paul convinced her to try and get it released 4 months ago .  She then asked her friend Linda Corscadden ( President of BCCMA's) to have a listen and got a thumbs up . Throughout the process she met Mary Kathleen Burke - a singer/songwriter and host of her own radio show in Scotland. Mary Kathleen loved the album and after 4 hours of texting and encouragement on a Sunday, she convinced Peggie to allow her to debut it on her show 4 days later ! Well it's been a whirlwind since then -  Peggie's album is being played weekly  in 11 countries . A South Africa station loved her songs and asked her to send them more for airplay .  She was recently listed as Artist of the Week in England on The Bob Birch Show . Then Australia came calling and invited Peggie to co-host the radio show on WOXS radio ..............  and this is just the beginning