Peggie Nora is a Canadian girl originally from the Maritimes who has been singing since age 4 on CBC Radio  then on to CBC Television . She has performed from coast to coast in Canada and the USA  . Peggie always kept up her singing as a vocal coach and with her songwriting and volunteering at Senior / Assisted Living homes .  After loosing her sister Paula to Cancer and her daughter Nora surviving Leukemia, Peggie decided to raise money for Cancer by performing shows and selling her cds and donating all the profits to help families affected by Cancer . This process of giving back is very close to her heart.  Peggie decided to release an album she had recorded a few years ago with award winning Producer Bill Buckingham.   ” Bill and I made a plan to make this dream album of mine a reality.”                     But Peggie sat on this album for a few years and didn't release it because she worried that she wasn't young enough .                                Her husband Paul convinced her to try and get it released 1 1/2 years ago .   So Peggie then asked her friend Linda Corscadden (President of BCCMA) to have a listen and got a thumbs up right away. Throughout this process she met Mary Kathleen Burke - a singer and songwriter and host of her own radio show in Scotland .  Mary Kathleen loved the album and after 4 hours of texting and encouragement - she convinced Peggie to allow her to debut it on her show - just 4 days later !                                       Well it's been a whirlwind since then -  Peggie's album is now being played weekly in over 125  Countries ! (recently having her songs accepted for airplay in Russia / South Korea / Thailand/ Japan and France)                                                                                                     Peggie has released her 1st Music Video ( I'll Sing My Song)   followed by her 2nd Music Video (This Girl Means Business) . She was recently listed as “Artist / Song of the Week “     in Canada/ USA / England / Belgium / Scotland / Australia /The Netherlands/ Ireland and South Africa .                                                 Presently Peggie is writing and sourcing out co-writers and putting together her next Album . She is currently working via the internet with her co-producer Susan Wood on her next Music Video .............. and this is just the beginning ...... Peggie would like to remind  anyone of any age to remember these words    “ AGE is only a number and a GREAT song is AGELESS “       much love , Peggie Nora ❤️